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We're proud to be your off campus solution to high textbooks prices! Shop local and save big with Campus Bookstore.

All Textbook Rentals are due back by Dec 3, 2020


Option 1:

  • Drop them off at Campus Bookstore during the week of Nov 30-Dec 3rd using our curb-side drop off.

Option 2:

  • Drop them off at the 24/7 rental return drop slot located at the main entrance.

Option 3:

  • Follow these steps to ship your textbook rental back to us:
      • There should be a sticker with the due date on the back of each of your rental textbooks.
      • If you are unsure of the rentals you have out, send an email to
    • Step 2: BOX THEM UP
      • Please make sure that all items are packaged securely to prevent any damage during the shipping process.

                               Campus Bookstore is not obligated to issue a refund for return shipments that are lost or damaged.

      • Make sure to include as much information as possible so that we know whose return it is. Below is the information we can use to process your return:
        • Name (required)
        • Phone number (required)
        • Email address
        • Address
        • Order number
    • Step 3: SHIP THEM TO US
      • We advise that you ship your rental returns back to us through your local post office using USPS Priority Mail. This will be your cheapest option that also includes tracking information. You can also ship your rentals back using FedEx or UPS, if you wish.
    • Step 4: ENTER YOUR TRACKING INFORMATION into the Rental Check-In Form.

Please mail your textbooks to the below address:

Campus Bookstore


620 Eastern Bypass Ste C.

Richmond, KY 40475